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Benefits of Regularis in your regulatory management

In our previous article, we talked about some contributions to your regulatory management and how Regularis can solve many of the needs in your organization. This time, we will go over the benefits and features that Regularis has and how you company can take advantage of them.

In the next business case, we give examples of particularities that a company may have in its regulatory processes:

Daniel has an organization that gives the service of processing regulatory transactions to obtain permits by regulatory agencies in many countries in the region. This company creates the documentation and submits it; when they receive the answer from the regulatory agency, they send the documentation of approval to their clients. He has heard about Regularis and sees that many of his needs could be solved with it; however, Daniel remains indecisive to acquire the product because he would like to have a couple of functionalities that the system does not have.

Daniel contacted our personnel and expressed his interest in Regularis and the two needs not included in the system. In this case, our personnel advised him and reached an agreement to customize it for the company.

In this previous case, one of our most important benefits is mentioned: adaptability. We know that many companies have peculiarities, but this does not mean they cannot use Regularis, since we can make arrangements or agreements that are beneficial to both parts.

Other benefits that the system offers are:

Multi-country regulatory transactions

With Regularis, it is possible to generate transactions on the same product for different countries and at the same time for different regulatory bodies. In other words, if in your country there are two regulatory agencies for the selling of products, you may generate independent transaction processes for each of these and therefore, generate metrics and notifications individually, for each transaction, simplifying their traceability.

Alert center configuration

With Regularis, email alerts can be configured on the edition and elimination of regulatory transactions and product cards. You choose who you want to notify each of these actions. You will be able to use emails of shared use or distribution lists, if you want it that way. In addition, you can choose the language for the alerts: Spanish or English. If your company is present in different time zones or countries, each person may choose their time zone, with the purpose of activating the alerts scheduled within their work hours. Finally, you may set the periodicity for the notifications on the status of the transactions: everyday, every 3 days or every 7 days, according to your own needs.

Multilingual System

Currently Regularis has two predetermined languages in the system: Spanish and English; therefore, just by setting the change from one to another, it will change all texts to the selected language.

As part of its constant evolution, Regularis may include more languages in the future, such as Portuguese.

Auditable system

As part of our good practices, Regularis is an auditable system, since it has more than 10 types of logbooks, where it is possible to see all the system’s movements, allowing the traceability of who and when performed an action that alters the results in the system. Some of the logbooks available are:

· Product movements logbook

· Transaction movements logbook

· Login logbook


Your information security is important for us; hence, the system is made for your data to be backed up in the cloud safely and with easy access. We have worked hard for our system to have high security and quality standards, ensuring the access from Internet or Intranet. In addition, if your company applies compliance regulations, this is not an inconvenience, since your and others’ information are not combined in any sense.

Product Owners Management

With Regularis there is the possibility of managing product owners, which is important since there are organizations that handle their regulatory transactions with other companies, and with this function, we allow separating the clients’ information. Each client within the system will have a series of identifiers such as: contacts, phone number and countries where they are present, in addition to adding new products and associating them to a specific client.

We are convinced that Regularis is a software that will solve many of your needs. It has been created with hard work and dedication to help you in your organization to simplify daily tasks through all its functionalities.

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