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Regularis contributions to your regulatory management

Regularis is a tool that allows having a high level of traceability during the entire regulatory process, in addition to centralizing and storing all the information and documentation needed to request sanitary permits of any product, all in the same place for higher convenience.

With the purpose of providing a bigger understanding on the functionalities that the Regularis System has, and its versatility, regardless of the size or needs of the different businesses that require the sanitary permits for the comercialization of their products, here are two different business cases:

1. Cecily and Cynthia work in the department of regulatory affairs of a retail company located in Panama City. Both spend their work days creating the necessary documentation for the company to sell both imported and its own products in Panama Republic. The amount of articles that the company sells is 5000, of which 3500 are regulated products. One of their most important daily activities is checking the expiration date of each one of the products and avoid that they expire.

2. Charlie has a company that produces hygiene products. He started by creating hair spray from home and now he has a small company. His product catalogue has diversified considerably in Costa Rica. Charlie sells to big supermarket chains, cosmetic stores and even grocery stores and small stores. The sanitary permits of the company are controlled in a small excel document that is revised ocassionally. But, last year, Charlie lost a contract that he had with a multinational company due to the sanitary permit expiring, and the company had to recall all the expired products from the shelfs in addition to having liquidity issues por some months.

The regulatory management of a company requires detailed, supervised and timely work; therefore, Regularis was developed to solve these needs, since it gives absolute control of your regulatory transactions.

In the business cases previously stated, both the Panamenian company, as well as Charlie’s company, and in spite of the difference that their companies have size-wise, share one thing: their products require permits that are granted by regulatory entities from different countries in order to be commercialized and not having one permit up to date results in the impossibility of selling their products. It is at this point where the role of Regularis becomes fundamental, as it adds up to the complete management process in a centralized manner.

Some of the most significant contributions that Regularis provides to the regulatory management are:

Product records

It enables the creation of product records by category, by entering the products that must be regulated within a structured and organized system. All the products owned by your business can be used to create regulatory transactions within the system.

Brand transactions

It allows the creation of brand transactions for all different countries around the world. Each brand transaction allows the entering of files and information related to this one. Once the brand transaction has been created, you will be able to access all the information and related files. All in the same place.

Regulatory transactions

It enables the creation of a regulatory transaction associated to a product in its entirety: from the beggining of the the regulatory transaction to its approval. Furthermore, it enables registering the regulatory notices by the regulatory entities, attach files, manage status and many other functionalities that will guarantee the organization of documents and will avoid the omission of their registration.


It has an alert center for modifications in specific modules in the system; in other words, when a regulatory transaction is edited or created, the system will issue and send a notification to the email inbox of the .eople in charge or interested in the process. Furthermore, this function is completely personalized, since it is possible to choose who will receive these notifications.


It has a reports system, which is already defined, to provide information relevant to your business decision making. It is possible to export them with the purpose of a more in-depth analysis.

Unlimited users

With Regularis, you can create as many users as your organization may need, which includes a specific role to seek that your collaborators can be in charge of only the functions relevant to their positions in the system and avoid unnecesary access to information.


Every action that any of the users takes in Regularis will be registered through its logs. In them, it is possible to visualize in detail any change, entry, and elimination in the system, as well as time and date for the action taken.

Centralized regulatory management

As stated previously, it allows the unification of information in one place. The system will enable the creation of regulatory processes and the possibility of attaching documentation of the different phases of the process. Each time that you need to find a permit granted by a regulatory entity, you will not have to look for it in your computers’ folders. In Regularis, with just opening the transaction, you will be able to visualize the complete flow, from its creation to its approval.


Finally, it is important to highlight that the system is 100% adaptable to your organization; hence, if your business has peculiarities in its processes, it is possible to address them and adapt to your specific needs.

Regularis has the capability of giving many benefits to the regulatory processes of your organization, but the most important benefit is being an ally for your regulatory management.

Take control!

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